Hydrautech Designs has been commissioned to prepare many various reports predominantly across the Aquatic and ESD sectors.

Reports prepared by Hydrautech Designs have been used to successfully secure funding through the Smart Water Fund, Community Water Grants and other funding streams.

Many water conservation, water recycling and energy reduction schemes have been implemented based on the findings presented in reports prepared by Hydrautech Designs.
Water Management
Water Treatment
Feasibility Studies
Aquatic Facility Audits
Sample Reports. A list of sample of reports is provided below as an indication of our capabilities. Only executive summaries and content pages are provided for reference of scope and level of detail.

Water Management - Aquatic
Existing Conditions and Planning - Aquatic
Construction Feasibility and ESD - Aquatic
Water Heating and Energy Consumption - Aquatic
Blackwater Treatment Feasibility Study - ESD
Rainwater Harvesting - ESD
Water Management - Stadium

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