Selected Projects 2

Hydrautech Designs has successfully completed many projects including;
H  Y  D  R  A  U  T  E  C  H    D  E  S  I  G  N  S
Middys Electrical Stores - Hydraulics
Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre - ESD Reporting
Platinum Apartments - Hydraulics, Aquatic
Pool in the Park Doveton - Aquatic
RACV Inverloch - Aquatic
RACV Royal Pines - Aquatic
Redcliff War Memorial Pool - ESD
Richmond Recreation Centre - ESD
Ringwood District Aquatic Centre - Aquatic, Hydraulics, ESD
RMIT Water Recycling Project - ESD
Sandringham Family Leisure Centre - Aquatic, ESD
Sea Lake Pool Hydraulics Upgrade - Aquatic
Settlers Run - Aquatic
Shenzhen Aquatic Centre China - Aquatic
Siemens Pipeline - Hydraulics
Sleeman Centre Chandler Aquatic Centre - Aquatic Reporting
St.Albans Leisure Centre - ESD Reporting
State Netball and Hockey Centre - ESD
Sunshine Leisure Centre - ESD Reporting
Taronga Zoo (3 Complete Precincts) - Hydraulics
Templestowe Reserve - ESD
The AGE Print Centre - Process
Treasure Island - Process
Upper West Side Apartments - Hydraulics, Aquatic
Urban Workshop BWTP Upgrade - Hydraulics (for D&C Contractor)
V5 Docklands - Aquatic
Whitlam Leisure Centre - ESD
Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre - ESD Reporting
Wynnum State School - Aquatics